Nine [free] short stories to make you think. Twice.

Vanity is a collection of nine short stories like no other. Each story will take you on a short walk through the darker realms of the unexpected, the surprising and the horrific.

Told with equal amounts of emotion, humour and a sideways glance at the world around - and beyond - our field of view, "Vanity" is sure to set the heart racing and mind thinking. Curl up by the fire, turn the lights down and discover why Adrian Dawson's star is rising so quickly through this collection of nine thought provoking tales which your deepest fears will never allow you to forget…

Remember This?
No Time To Reflect
Fly Him Death’s Poverty
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Never Travel Without Insurance
If You Could Only Hear Yourself
The Man Who Kills Dogs
Nowhere Else To Go
These Things Last Forever...

All nine stories in Vanity are free. Simply click any one of the links above.

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