The Sequence continues...

There were always going to be consequences.

Peter Strauss had no idea just how devastating and far reaching those consequences would be.

In 1645, at the height of the Witchfinder General’s tyrannical campaign through England, Rachael Garland has made a formidable enemy in Prudence Hart. Prudence will stop at nothing to get her hands on the man she loves, the man she mistakenly believes has fallen for Rachael. Using all her cunning, Prudence engineers a series of events which result in her nemesis being brutally tortured and then tried, convicted and hung as a witch; her body dumped in a well. Almost four hundred years later, all that remains of Rachael’s existence are shattered bones and a wooden crucifix laid on her body. The sequoia crucifix that Peter Strauss had personally given to Rachael...

...on March 22nd 2040.

Strauss, meanwhile, has his own problems. Barbara Scalise, PCAST member and the Senator charged with overseeing Josef Klein’s experiments with the Siberium has suddenly realised, in the wake of Klein’s untimely demise, that she had taken her eye of the ball. Klein had been doing things Scalise cannot even begin to comprehend, things which could change mankind’s future in ways she is now afraid to comprehend. Worse still, if she does not set about clearing the whole mess up, her own political future could well be coming to a crashing end. Along the way, she might just have to remove one or two of the burdens of proof. And Peter Strauss is fast becoming a burden.

Strauss has less than one week before hell breaks loose. Just a few days to decide whether he should try to save the future of mankind or the life of the woman he loves. He knows that not one moment in history can be changed and that ultimately his beloved Rachael will have to die.

If he’s clever, he can make it part of the plan.

So Peter Strauss needs to ask himself one question... just how far is he prepared to go...?

[Sequoia] is the long-awaited follow-up to Sequence.
Sequence was voted one of the “Top Five Thriller novels of 2011” by The Times Newspaper, UK.

Codex Adrian Dawson

Codex Adrian Dawson