When a strange, naked corpse is discovered in a Los Angeles alleyway, Nick Lambert, a hard at heel gumshoe, is allocated the most thankless task, making the long journey to Oakdene, a psychiatric institute, to interview a patient by the name of Tina Fiddes. The intriguing details such as Latin codes, bullets that make no sense and strange tattoos are all allocated to the more ‘competent’ detectives. Nick’s fortunes take a turn for the worse when he discovers, too late, that Tina is an autistic mute and that any chance of an interview is slim at best.

What he does discover is that Tina has a sister; one who is known to solve Latin puzzles and so, defying his superiors, he sets off to find her. What he discovers is a woman full of secrets, living a life of luxury behind a shabby façade whilst searching for the scientific answers to life itself.

Meanwhile, Josef Klein, an immigrant scientist who has been granted access to the dense core of a meteorite uncovered in Siberia. After many years of fruitless research, an accidental experiment conducted in 2040 leads Josef to believe that living things can be thrown through time using the core’s accelerated gravitational pull. Through his most trusted scientist, Alison Bond, Josef realises that sending people back to change history cannot be achieved, but sending them back to be the reason such history exists is not so fruitless. Josef can send runners back to steal objects and become the reason they are missing to history. Once the runner has gone, Josef can then unearth the treasure they have hidden for him... including the answers to life itself.

Matters are complicated when an object hidden in 1132 is found to be missing in 2011, long before Josef’s attempts to dig it up. Now he must find someone he can trust to go to 2011 and cure the problem. Given her history, Alison Bond might just be the prime candidate.

What Klein does not budget for is that Alison Bond is one step ahead of him and is engineering the advice she gives him, and the decisions he makes, to suit her own agenda.

Through a complex series of criss-crossing storylines, Nick Lambert begins to realise not only the importance of Tina and her sister to the world as a whole, but also the importance his own life has suddenly been bestowed. He is now part of a sequence of events that should protect mankind from the kind of information it should never possess, and then do it over and over again. Alison has something to hide. And it could just be the most important thing of all.

Alison has something to hide. And it could just be the most important thing of all.

Sequence was voted one of the “Top Five Thriller novels of 2011” by The Times Newspaper, UK.

Codex Adrian Dawson

Codex Adrian Dawson