After two years away, Jack Bernstein’s prodigal daughter Lara is returning home from an unspecified location. She is emaciated, scared and frightened. She is also convinced that despite boarding the final flight, she will not make it home alive. She is correct. In mid-air, the fully laden Boeing 747 is downed, killing everyone on board.

Unaware that she was returning, or where she has been, Jack is overseeing his company’s domination of a new artificial intelligence. IntelliSoft, via their new I.Q. mainframes will soon offer a global launch which will benefit underprivileged children worldwide and seal Jack’s dominance of the market. A new virtual-reality suite, powered by the I.Q. system, also promises technological leaps.

Summoned via a strange code to a church in London, Jack is made aware by a man calling himself ‘Simon’ that the people in custody for bombing his daughter’s flight are not the true culprits. Lara had, in fact, been held hostage by a cult, one which now holds a grandchild Jack never knew he had and he is offered a deal... information which might lead him to find the child in return for a book, desired by Simon, which the cult are believed to hold. As Jack progresses through series of contacts in order to gain information, only to find those same contacts killed shortly afterward with strange chess references left by the bodies, the agent who informed Jack of his daughter’s death, Frank Warner, is becoming increasingly suspicious.

Soon Jack realises that those around him cannot be trusted and that his path has been controlled for over a decade. Every move he has made and every decision he felt in control of was being subtly influenced toward conclusion in which the cult will gain access to the power of Jack’s computer systems whether he likes it or not. In the process they will kill thousands of people worldwide, using Jack’s imminent launch to facilitate their goals.

In the ensuing aftermath, the cult will rise with the promise of answers and salvation, and they will glean these answers from the book which Jack is being tricked not only into stealing, but also decoding. It could just be that the people who have set Jack on the path of attaining the book with the lure of a grandson are the same people who possess the book already. Believing that he is ahead of the game, Jack is actually being tricked at every turn and the Armageddon for which he will be blamed is looming ever closer...

Codex was the Number One Selling Thriller Novel on the UK iBookstore of 2010

Codex Adrian Dawson

Codex Adrian Dawson