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  • When Jack Bernstein’s prodigal
    daughter Lara is killed as a result of
    the bombing of flight 320, the chess
    grandmaster is completely unaware that
    the flight was downed for just one reason:
    to stop his daughter from ever coming home...

    Lara was carrying a secret. Those who killed her will stop at nothing to keep that secret safe.

  • Detective Nick Lambert has stumbled
    across the most important human who
    ever lived. One who will not change the world once, but over and over again - the key to a chain of events set centuries before he was born.

    Nick will discover many surprising and things about the girl. What she has to hide is the probably most surprising thing of all.

  • There were always going
    to be consequences.

    Peter Strauss had no idea just how devastating and far reaching those consequences would be. After four hundred years, all that remains of Rachael Garlens’ existence are shattered bones and a wooden crucifix laid on her body in the summer of 1645; the crucifix Peter Strauss had personally given to her... on March 22nd 2040.